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Jataka Buddha Collection

Fine Selection of Antique Asian Sacred Arts

Myanmar Buddhist Imagery

This new book mainly illustrated with pieces of the Myanmar national collections gives an overview of the Buddhist arts evolution from its emergence until today.
- 491 Pages
-More than 1200 illustrations

-Limited edition

Our Story

Jataka Buddha Collection is a shop of antique sacred arts from Asia and of some related books. Our gallery is situated in Belgium, not far from Brussels. Jataka Buddha Collection is managed by Denis and Sriprapa Lepage. Denis has more of 20 years of experience and he is a recognised expert in Buddhist arts from South-East Asia. He is also the Author of Myanmar Buddhist Imagery in 2022. Sriprapa has a university grade in history obtained in Thailand and she has a deep understanding of patination process and style. Our expertise and network allows us to propose a fine selection of genuine antique sacred arts coming mainly from old European and American collections.

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